Judy Blundell – National Book Award Winner


Hello, web searcher. You found me. Not Judy Blundell the realtor, or Judy Blundell the plumber, but the Judy Blundell who writes books for teenagers, and adults who aren’t afraid to shop in the Young Adult section.


Strings Attached takes place in the Manhattan nightclubs and theatres of the early nineteen-fifties, a glamorous, gritty world.
Here’s what some of the critics said:

“Blundell is a master of the literary slow build, and her emotive yet sober style is reminiscent of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s in ‘The Great Gatsby’…‘Strings Attached’ may take place in a time long before its intended readers were born, but Kit’s predicament is compelling and her choices relevant and easily transposed to the modern day.”
— Los Angeles Times

“National Book Award–winner Blundell…successfully constructs a complex web of intrigue that connects characters in unexpected ways. History and theater buffs will especially appreciate her attention to detail–Blundell again demonstrates she can turn out first-rate historical fiction.”— Publishers Weekly, ★ starred review

“Blundell smartly explicates the dark side of male-female relationships.”— New York Times Book Review

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It’s the story of Kit Corrigan, a seventeen-year-old girl who runs away to New York City in order to pursue her dream of dancing on Broadway. She is fleeing a tumultuous relationship with her first love, Billy. When Billy’s father, mob lawyer Nate Benedict, offers her a free apartment in New York and a chance at a job dancing in a nightclub, she accepts. She doesn’t see the strings attached.